CAFM Team Attends Network Summit

Members of the board, administration, and faculty of Chesterton Academy of The Florida Martyrs were blessed to attend the Chesterton Schools Network 2024 annual summit in Minneapolis. 

Our team enjoyed praying and socializing together with over 60 other Chesterton academies across the continent. Our four days at the Summit were spent with valuable workshops from seasoned Chesterton Schools Network faculty, founders, and administrators, providing valuable information on the nitty gritty of coursework, student life, and school functioning.  We also attended plenary sessions by speakers such as CSN founder Dale Alquist and CSN Chaplain Father Joseph Johnson, who reminded us of the "big picture": the legacy of G.K. Chesterton, the fundamental principles that make a Chesterton academy unique, and the faith and virtues needed in the weighty endeavor of starting a school.  We are feeling inspired and informed and ready for a great school year ahead!


Csn Summit 2024


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